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Personal Injury

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Ohio Personal Injury Law Firm Focuses on Negligence

When somebody behaves negligently and causes someone else to get injured, they can be held liable for any damages suffered due to their careless behavior. This is the basis of a personal injury lawsuit.


Someone who may have acted negligently does not set out to injure another person, but their careless actions end up causing harm in some way. Some examples of negligence that could lead to a personal injury case include:

  • A business owner who tells an employee to mop his floor but forgets to put up a "wet floor" sign
  • A driver who fails to keep a safe following distance and rear ends the car in front of his at a stoplight
  • A dog owner who forgets to lock the gate to his backyard and his dog escapes and bites someone
  • A company that releases a medication to the public without first fully testing it to identify potential side effects
  • A medical professional that performs a medical procedure on a patient without first explaining the risks associated and the patient is injured


Many people hire a personal injury attorney because they don't know understand the full value of their case and how to go about getting compensated for their injury. Some of the common compensable damages associated with a personal injury case include:

  • Property damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Were you injured in Ohio due to someone else's negligence? At Manning & Manning, LLC we have helped numerous clients throughout the west side of Cleveland in northeast Ohio receive maximum compensation for their injuries.

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