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Real Estate

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Real estate law concerns matters pertaining to one's home or residence, and commonly includes:

  • Homestead protection from creditors
  • Relationships between landlords and tenants
  • Zoning regulations that determine the type of structure that may be built in a certain location

What is Real Property?

Real property refers to land, buildings, and other fixtures on the land. The term land includes the actual surface area and everything under and above a parcel of ground, although the airspace above a parcel is considered part of the public domain. Generally, a fixture is something not naturally a part of the land, but affixed to the land in such a way that it cannot be easily removed without causing damage. When someone owns real estate, he is usually the full owner of a particular piece of property.

Ohio Homestead Laws

Ohio law allows property owners to register a small parcel of their domicile as a "homestead," making it off limits to most creditors in the event of a foreclosure. These laws are intended to preserve the family farm, prevent homelessness, and protect assets in the event of severe economic conditions. State law allows up to $5000 in personal property to be declared a homestead. Although the homestead is a back up to protect some of your assets, it will not protect you from a bad business deal or an ordinary bankruptcy.

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